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Quin de la Mer/ 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Quin de la Mer is best known for their abstract works made from found pigments and plant matter foraged while making intimate connections with more than human beings they meet while traveling. Ranging from huge oil paintings 5 feet high & 15 feet wide to tiny cyanotype prints measuring 1x1 inch, de la Mer’s art compels experiencers to look deeply and contemplate. Recognized for inventing new brush stroke and mark making techniques, their paintings appear highly textured even though they are flat. On close inspection, the viewer might notice the faint aroma of spike oil of lavender used in place of turpentine. de la Mer was born in Los Angeles, California, studied on the Master of Fine Art course at Newcastle University in the UK, and holds a Master of Fine Art degree from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. They have exhibited work nationally and internationally in gallery settings, public forums, and film screenings, in addition to being an artist in residence in the US and abroad. de la Mer has been a featured artist in print and web magazines globally. They divide their time living and working in Los Angeles, California and Umbria, Italy.


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