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Raginie Duara/ Self-Portrait

Updated: May 10

Since the early childhood days of scribbling in notebooks and attending weekend art school, art has been an integral part of Raginie's life. Though formal art schooling was brief, the therapeutic allure of creating wordless marks on paper persisted, shaping a lifelong devotion to visual expression. Harnessing the potency of artistic mediums, Raginie integrated art into her academic pursuits, utilizing photography and film to delve into youth mental health capturing diverse lived experiences. Reluctant to label herself as self-taught, Raginie acknowledges the invaluable contributions of numerous mentors, teachers, and inspirational figures who nurtured her artistic growth. Through an ever-evolving journey marked by encounters with various role models, artistic styles, and mediums, Raginie has emerged as a bold colourist. Her work, whether in portraiture or cityscapes, is characterized by vibrant hues and a penchant for capturing the vitality of her subjects.

My artistic identity is firmly rooted in my bold and vibrant approach to color, whether it's through expressive portraits or capturing the dynamism of bustling cityscapes. My creative journey has been a continuous exploration, influenced and enriched by a tapestry of diverse sources. I have drawn inspiration from an array of role models, each contributing their unique brushstroke to my artistic palette. I've embraced various art mediums, experimented with different techniques, and although without any formal training, I've absorbed the wisdom of dedicated teachers, mentors, and fellow members in my art community, all of which have left an indelible mark on my artistic evolution. My journey is an ongoing narrative, a testament to my passion for growth, and a tribute to the power of artistic expression.


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