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Rikardo Druškić for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Rikardo Druškić was born in 1990. in Zagreb and has spent all his adult life living in Sarajevo.His interest for art began during high school years with main focus on illustration and digital art.Rikardo uses combination of art techniques such as painting, street art, drawing and digital art. His works been exhibited, both independently and in collective exhibitions in many art galleries and public spaces around the world: Sarajevo, Mostar, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai,Taiwan, Berlin, Brussels and Vienna.

'My art is my guide in my search for the meaning of life and the truth that drives me along this path. I look at life through art, and art through life. I create intuitively, often without any preconceived plan.

Love, fear, spirituality, empathy are the basic drivers of my creative process.

I express myself daily, and my work is always the result of my introspection, which takes place on both conscious and subconscious levels'.

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