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Rita Long/ Book Edition

Rita graduated from the University of Gloucester in 2017 gaining a BA 1st in Fine Art and winning The P.J.Crook award for outstanding work for her degree show . She has exhibited many times in solo shows as well as joint exhibitions as well as curating exhibitions for other artists and organisations. Born of an immigrant family post WW2 her influences are varied, having an Italian Mother and a Ukrainian father she was immersed in their cultures as well as her home country the United Kingdom.

Rita has always been interested in Nature her love of plants and flowers influenced by her mother has stayed with her, as a child she would collect catkins and other plants and flowers and try to preserve them, she also collected rose petals and placed them in water to make perfume, she was doing this at a very young age with no prompts from anyone.

Her latest works are from flowers and plants that she collected from 2021 until 2023 which she has preserved, at first Rita collected them on her daily walks during the pandemic trying to preserve the fact that nature keeps going even when humans are struggling, she noticed that during this time nature thrived , when her mother died two years ago she collected flowers, over a period of months from her mothers garden also combining them with the earlier ones she has made works that act as reminders of very difficult times and the processes that we follow to heal ourselves, keepsakes.

Rita also acknowledges that the flowers from her mothers garden are like a portrait of her, they have her DNA in them as she planted them all.


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