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Robyn & Dalton Mallery/ #loveofmylife

Robyn is a senior at Academy of Art University working towards BFA in Art History. This history element courses through the veins of Robyn's works and can provide context as to the nature of a piece. As a primarily collage and mixed media artist, Robyn often use open access works from museum websites like Smithsonian, giving these works a new life as telling stories.

''Influenced heavily by Dada and Surrealism, I tend to lean into the absurd. I believe that if someone finds humor in a collage, they can also find meaning. It is a way for me to sort through the fragments of memories and ideas in my mind and combine them into something meaningful.

Art should be an experience. It should make you feel a million emotions and leave you baffled in some way or another. It should bring amusement and wonder, keeping you on your toes. The art I create is meant to make you think and to tell a story. Welcome to the experience.

This tarot deck was born out of curiosity, and became something that I hope will inspire curiosity in others. Whether it inspires you to look beyond traditional tarot or encourages you to make mixed media yourself, or even piques your curiosity enough to check out some of the other deities and cultures that are mentioned in this book, this deck is truly unique and filled with the stories of many. As you explore the cards and their meanings, remember to insert yourself into the stories. Find how they connect to you and your life. This will make for a very powerful reading. Don't simply rely on the answers - let the imagery find you and speak what needs to be said. ''


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