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Sabrina Pohl/ Special Edition

Sabrina Pohl is a german abstract artist based in Stuttgart. In Sabrina Pohl's abstract works she draws on an intuitive use of forms in order to dissolve the visible and the preconditioned. She opens up new perspectives which first intend to create openness for a new space of viewing. Choosing abstraction as tool reveals the non-visible without pushing the rational in the middle of things. „A flower is not just her appearance, it can also be expressed through its smell, or a memory of a gentle touch of the petals between your fingers. Thus, my work displays those subtle layers beyond the visible, e.g. by changing movements during the process like connecting and dissolving elements. It is guided by a feeling of belonging; like the smell of a flower belongs to it without the evidence of seeing the flower itself.“

One of her prime intentions is to transform the visible into the core element, guided by a process of dissolving. It is like ending a nice chat and now it’s time for the walk home. The core is neither white nor black –not only just a depiction of a feeling, or of light and of space, or put ironically, the infinite nothingness. It’s your mirror.

"For me, creating means continually being open through the process. It feels like asking the drawing for the next step. And sometimes it’s hard, because your mind wants to tell its own story, and sometimes it’s easy, because you only have to listen.“


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