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Sammi Fletcher/ Book Edition

Sammi Fletcher lives and works in Gloucestershire. She is currently undertaking her MA at the University of Gloucestershire after achieving a First Class in her Fine Art BA(Hons). She has recently shown in exhibitions up and down the country. As a disabled single parent, she has faced many hurdles but uses those to drive her forward with humour and positivity. She revels in the materiality of surface, medium, paint and colour to drive narrative. Sammi Fletcher's research investigates the traumatized female gaze through process-based media. Exploring concepts of memory through figuration, figures unearthed like forgotten memories, or vanished entirely. Sammi is a figurative artist predominately working in oil paint and print. Research plays a large part within her deeply considered practice. She revels in materiality. Each element of her work holds part of the narrative, from surface to direction of line, from brush to the medium employed. She uses palette as signifier in all she does. Investigating memory, absence and identity loss caused by trauma, and the underpinning societal role. Considering power and powerlessness, depersonalisation and the resulting voids, from the perspective of the female gaze. Investigating the spaces between, the absence raised by questioning or ignoring identity, initiated by trauma and societal hegemony.


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