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Stanko Gagrčin/ Queer Art

Stanko Gagrčin is a multimedia artist from Serbia.

In 2013 he graduated Interior design in the high school for design "Bogdan Šuput" in Novi Sad.

He got his Bachelor's degree in Scene Architecture, Design and Technology at Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad in 2017.

Artist in residence at the Homesession gallery in the spring of 2018 in Barcelona.

Attended the Experimental Film Course at the Berlin school filmArche in 2019.

Currently works as a scene designer, assistant and project manager at the Foundation Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2022. and the Network of Cultural Stations.‍

Author of several interactive virtual audio-video installations and experimental films.

Stanko's experimental films can be seen as hybrid fusion of different genre conventions and stylistic approaches.

It can be said that these works are at the crossroads of video art, documentary and fiction films.

In his virtual art installations he is exploring the aesthetical possibilities of new media digital art.

Throughout his body of work he is delving into the concepts of gender, ethnic and sexual identity as well as socially and politically engaged themes.


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