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Subrata Kumer for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

'Through my art works, I have shown the human mental distress after COVID-19.

Going back to nature as a way to get rid of this and Starting life in a new way by

establishing a relationship with nature. COVID-19 has disrupted normal human life in

recent times. COVID-19 is a curse for many.For example, many of my classmates

and friends returned to the country during COVID-19 and are now unable to return to

China. It seems to them that time has stopped. As a result of COVID-19, people's

ability to think and see has rotted away. We have to go back to the roots where

human civilization had a close relationship with nature and protect the nature. We

have to live not by fighting with nature but by establishing a close relationship with it.

Let's start a new life create a new world', Subrata Kumer.

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