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Susan Holmes/ Spring Issue

Susan Holmes was born in Lancashire England and first wrote poetry in 2007 when she began to write messages to herself. These became a collection and were self published in January 2012 WAKEN. Further work: Planetary Abundance, came out of her travels through the USA and Canada later that year. More messages came during a second trip across England, Ireland and France: When your Goddess calls an Alchemists Journal. This body of work relates to her expanding conscious awareness of her multi dimensional nature and the collapsing timelines of her human lives of suffering within the fields of abuse and control. Holmes moved to Plymouth in 2015 where she gained a BA in 3D Design 2018 and MA in Fine Art 2021. During her studies more messages came which she based her sculpture practice on. During lockdown a much larger body of work came into being: Elm Ra, not yet published. A body of work relating to her conscious knowingness of her soul self. That a new light of consciousness has arrived on the planet that is deconstructing the armageddon templates which will access new possibilities and personal dreams.


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