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Svetlana Vasina/ Drawings & Sketches

Svetlana Vasina is an artist and illustrator. In 2017 she graduated from the Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts. Since then, she's working as a freelance painter and illustrator for international clients. Svetlana has participated in numerous group shows and juried exhibitions, including internationally. Now she lives and works in Riga, Latvia.

''I explore relationships and the emotional dynamics that shape them. My work is influenced by cultural and personal mythologies, and it often touches on themes of melancholia and the quiet violence of being.

I work in various media, including painting, mixed media, and digital art. I constantly experiment with new techniques and approaches to find the best way to convey my ideas and emotions.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to create work that resonates with others and inspires them to think about the world in a different way. I believe that art has the power to bring people together and encourage empathy, understanding, and connection, and I hope my art will contribute to this vital mission.''


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