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Thiago Salas For Collect Art, Autumn Issue

The work of the brazilian artist and musician Thiago Salas is oriented by the relation between material qualities of concrete objects and the sound image of the environment in which these objects are inserted.

UT. SO. is a series of pieces built from the quest to connect sound elements and materials through joints, using threaded rods, screws and audio cables. Started in 2012 the work counts on 10 pieces that mix processes of sculpture and sound plastic; electronic automation devices and multichannel composition. The developed poetry seeks ways of composition and multisensory fragmentation in a process that makes the sound elements indexes of the material qualities of objects. Porcelain, wood, steel, aluminum, among others, rub an invisible space in a kind of ritual of things.

The work was exposed in August of 2018 in the headquarters of the publishing house Leviatã and recently gained a new format. The artist Thiago Salas begins here a partnership with the designer and video maker Iago Matti for the creation of an "album" with a collection of 5 videos produced on these materials.

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