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Victoria Rotaru/ Autumn Issue

Victoria Rotaru is a London based artist from Republic of Moldova. In 2020 she started her studies in London at UAL, Camberwell College of Arts. As being a MA Fine Art Photography student, she started her practice in macro photography. Her preoccupation with macro photography and nature is highly influenced by lockdown, this was the period when her own body and nature was the only shelter. Since she has graduated, she was chosen for some great collaborations for example Saatchi Learning and Access Art, and also, she was published in South London Press in an article about the biggest graduate’s exhibition in London, called LondonGradsNow at Saatchi Gallery and recently featured in The Times UK Magazine, Iconic Magazine and many others. As an artist, she has worked with a lot of mediums, but the main source of inspiration for her artworks is macro photographs. Those highly detailed photos of the nature textures are later transformed into magical creatures, sculptures, installations and paintings.


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