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Vincenzo Cohen for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

"Reinterpreting myths through human experience, fighting injustice, breaking silence, shooting down the barriers of diversity by erecting the breastplate of inner force, elevating himself from the delirium of creation for not to die in the darkness of forgetfulness... The power of creation lies in its message because art can be a means to combat violence. Art is an expression of nature and its potency..."

Vincenzo Cohen is an Italian classically trained nature painter and photographer.

Polyhedric artist, his eclectic production is the result of a continuous process of historical-scientific research addressed to the representation of cultural content with a social and naturalistic background.

Vincenzo is involved in wildlife conservation and he travels through Africa and Middle East to get inspiration for his art production. His work consists in reworking of life and travel experiences through an expressionist language, by means of photography or through the combination of both artistic techniques.

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