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Women Art/ Special Edition

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

"If I speak in a voice which is my own, it’s bound to be the voice of a woman”. Isabel Bishop

Women in art history reveal a significant engagement of females throughout the centuries in different countries. Their engagement appeared in many forms, including women that were innovative in new ways of artistic expression, women as patrons, women as collectors, and women as sources of inspiration.

The society urged women to stay back and guard the privacy of their homes instead of opening their talents to the public. But not, women in art are the ones who’re creating meaningful and innovative works with their freedom and creativity.

Presented artists:

Irena Jurca Sara Floris Kelsey Marie Gavin

Aurelija Pestene Astrid Vlasman

Lena Snow Magda Betkowska

Nicole Antras

Sabrina Pohl Shir Beck Carol Moses

Hannah Lane

Anna Wei Natalie Arsenow


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