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Women Art/ Special Edition

Updated: May 9, 2023

Women in art history have revealed a significant engagement of females throughout the centuries in different countries. Their engagement has appeared in many forms, including women who were innovative in new ways of artistic expression, women as patrons, women as collectors, and women as sources of inspiration. Society has traditionally urged women to stay back and guard the privacy of their homes instead of opening their talents to the public. Women have been discriminated against for centuries and major institutions have not supported the careers of women artists. Although the number of women artists is growing, the situation has only slightly changed, and this is likely due to tradition and prestige.

However, change is occurring, and even if we look at the figures today, women in artworks can be seen and heard. Women artists are making an impact in the contemporary art world, creating powerful works of art that demand attention and recognition. Women are exploring diverse themes, styles, and mediums, pushing boundaries, and challenging traditional norms in the art world. As a result, female artists are gaining greater visibility and recognition, and the art world is increasingly recognizing the importance of women's contributions to the field.

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