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Xiaodong Ma/ Queer Art

Chicago-based visual artist and hybrid designer, Xiaodong Ma, was born in Nanjing, China, in 1991. After receiving his MFA from the California College of the Arts in 2019, he has been exploring the intersection between art and design for years with an unwavering obsession with the simplicity and intricacy of nature and man-made. Xiaodong's work revolves around transforming everyday objects, mediums, and processes into resonant works of art by exploring 2D/3D forms and textures. By reimagining the familiar and inviting audiences to reconsider the ordinary with fresh eyes, Xiaodong is committed to pushing the boundaries of visual art through his works. He is currently a Senior Designer at SRAM, Road team, and lives in Chicago, IL.

In the interplay between dimensions, I find my canvas for exploration. The art practice of translation between 2D and 3D is fertile ground for experimenting with unknown outcomes, challenging viewers to see and experience forms in unexpected ways. Through my work, I endeavor to bridge (or break) the perceived gap between 2d and 3d of everyday objects. When objects generate images, or images become objects, some qualities are gained, and some are lost. We may find new ways of seeing, new avenues of understanding, and new dimensions of experience.


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