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Zahra Farsi/ B&W Photography

''In my photography, I am not only exploring the beauties, but I also record environmental problems and social issues. Photography opened a new window of life for me. Photography made me a more accurate view of my surroundings. I love to travel and I capture beautiful and wonderful moments on my trips. The works of great photographers have also opened my mind to creating conceptual messages in my work. So, I strive to create images that evoke a sense of wonder and aesthetics''

Zahra Farsi is a passionate nature lover who finds solace and inspiration through her pursuits in photography. While her primary interests lie in capturing the beauty of nature and historical places, she does not confine herself to a specific style. Whenever she encounters a subject that resonates with her and the conditions are favorable, she seizes the opportunity to immortalize the moment through her lens.

In addition to her love for photography, Zahra is deeply concerned about environmental problems, climate change, and social issues. She sees her camera as a tool for raising awareness and highlighting these important matters. Through her photographs, she aims to evoke emotions and provoke meaningful conversations about the challenges our planet faces and the social issues that impact our lives.


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