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Patrícia Abreu/ Abstract Art

Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian Visual Artist who mixes multiple techniques in the realization of her works. With a degree in Graphic Design, Photography and professional experience in Art Direction for Audiovisual Dramaturgy, she moves fluently through different languages in search of original expression. Themes about Time, Memory and the Natural World are a constant presence in her work. Currently, she practices Macro Photography as a conceptual, formal and artistic exercise, achieving then, an abstractionism in her image creation process.

The Time Capsules Series, 2022, is an ongoing Collection composed by Macro Photographs that capture otherworldly landscapes.

In my personal research on old family belongings, objects that could retain the Past, I found 2 hand blown glass paperweights that belonged one to my father and other to my father-in-law, who left us last year. Father figures represented on blocks of blown glass, objects I carry with me as reminders of their presence in my life.

When using them in a Still Photography session, I noticed through the lens, their individual beauty, with several properties that could be investigated through Macro Photography.

Then, through my Macro Lens, something beyond was revealed to me. The existence of those small bubbles inside, which, when enlarged, assumed a supernatural aspect, revealing fragments of encapsulated worlds, containing their own atmosphere, their air of the Past.

When that became clear to me, I started building this Collection in search of the “magical photospheres” these objects contained.

Sensitive images that evoke other Worlds, other Times.

Capsules that store air and encapsulated weight memories of the Past.

There are no digital manipulations in the composition on these images, just post production to transform RAW images with a digital darkroom approach to retouch, contrast and better equilibrate the final image. Although I like occasionally to interfere with the images, this Series brought me a new challenge to face the distortions caused by the bubbles inside the glass objects.

Seeing abstractions through the Macro Lens is a delightful way to build my images. Let the light trace the lines to follow, direct the gaze and reveal the sensations as we see, allowing the mystery of shadows, colors, contours and visible shapes of the new image to tell us its path.

“Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.” – Wynn Bullock

Captured with my Canon 5D Mark IV - 100mm Macro Lens.The Time Capsules Series is composed by Macro Photographs that captures otherworldly landscapes.


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