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Artist: Nata Buachidze

We just finished our very first project and created the website for Georgia-based artist Nata Buachidze. Check out!

HOME | Nata Buachidze

Inside the dream

Artist: Tamar Melikishvili

Tbilisi based artist Tamar Melikishvili, and her amazing paintings & drawings. Check out!

HOME / Tamar Melikishvili


Photographer: Levan Kherkheulidze

Our new creation, for the Georgia-based photographer, Levan Kherkheulidze. Check out!

Photographer | Levan Kherkheulidze

Just A Walk In Old Tbilisi

Maka Gotsiridze

Collect Art for Georgia-based contemporary artist, Maka Gotsiridze.

Check it out now!

Rural Retreat Oil on canvas, Size - 30x40 cm, 2020, Not for sale

Sculptor & Jeweler: Salome Kobulashvili

Our next finished website is for Georgia-based sculptor and jeweler Salome Kobulashvili.

Check out!

Art | Salome Kobulashvili | Tbilisi


Artist: George Chaushba

Our new artist member is a Georgian contemporary artist George Chaushba. Check out!

Home | George Chaushba 


Nata Buachidze's Studio

Collect Art for Nata Buachidze's Studio. 

The aim of the studio is to create a motivating environment and a love for learning, where students aren’t afraid of making mistakes and where they can reach their full potential.

Nata Buachidze's Studio (

Nata Buachidze's Studio

Jeweler: Marina Natsvlishvili

Georgian Jeweler Marina Natsvlishvili and her stunning Jewelry. Check out!

Home/ mnjewelery

Jewelry by Marina Natsvlishvili
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