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Savina Ražnatović/ Summer Issue

Savina Ražnatović was born in 1993 in Cetinje, Montenegro, a town steeped in history and fading anecdotes, Savina's artistic path was shaped by her upbringing. Both her parents were conservators, her father restoring frescoes and her mother contributing to the preservation of cultural monuments. Surrounded by art, Savina understood its significance as a reflection of society, history, and identity.

While initially pursuing fashion design, life led Savina towards Fine Arts. She studied fashion design in Rome and Belgrade before returning to her roots in Cetinje. In 2021, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts with a focus on sculpting. Her graduation theme, Bereshit, explored the abstract representation of Genesis, departing from traditional figurative interpretations. Influenced by Jewish mysticism, Savina embarked on a mysterious journey to tell the story of creation, drawing inspiration from texts such as Sefer Yetzirah, Zohar, and Tanya.After graduation, Savina worked at the MPI Museums of Kotor, creating commercial replicas of museum pieces using recycled paper and plaster. Although skilled in this role, she realized her true calling was to be fully immersed in her own artistic work. With profound respect and love for her craft, she transitioned from replicating ancient artifacts to dedicating herself entirely to her unique artistic vision.

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