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101 contemporary artists and more.../ volume 6

The concept of Collect Art emerged in late December 2019 as a response to support both Georgian and international artists amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. However, the amalgamation of accumulated experience over the years and ongoing creative processes urged us to expand and diversify the roles of Collect Art.

In our daily lives, we are granted the privilege to visually conceptualize various ideas—an essence mirrored in art. Art, with its myriad presentations, encompasses a spectrum of visual, ordinary, and performative works. These creations, born from the imaginative and technical prowess of artists, beckon appreciation for their beauty, emotion, conceptual depth, or primitivism.

The '101 Contemporary artists and more...' book series serves as an aesthetic exploration of what contemporary art offers to viewers and how it intertwines with literature. Through this series, our aim is to showcase artists and writers who are actively shaping today's history—individuals worthy of attention, inspiring exploration of the unconventional and unexpected. We aspire to evoke emotions, challenge preconceptions, and provoke introspection, leaving readers and viewers occasionally feeling exposed, vulnerable, yet authentically natural.

Collect Art's mission is to forge connections between Georgian and international cultural events and artists, providing a platform for diverse perspectives. By doing so, we aim to encourage others to contemplate from alternative angles and make the realm of art more accessible to those passionate about cultural exploration.


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