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Adam Strange/ Digital Art

Art is the corporeal representation of the deeply unsettling knot of humanity, which the artist tries to untie.

Adam Strange is a Canadian pixel-based artist plumbing the depths of the human condition, exploring the dark recesses of human behaviour and the effects of societal entropy. Adam (b. 1970) started his art career during the mid-eighties, exhibiting locally in Southwestern Ontario, such as in the 1987 London Ontario exhibition "Homage to Marcel Duchamp on the occasion of the centennial of his birth" at the McIntosh gallery. Adam graduated from the Ontario College of Art (OCA) in 1992 with a focus on magic-realism and old master technique under the direction and guidance of professor Carmen Cereceda, a Chilean muralist who was once an assistant of Diego Rivera. Adam was also mentored by his father, an artist and contemporary of Tony Tascona and Takao Tanabe from the Winnipeg School of Art. Adam pursued fine art until around 1996 when he was in demand for his graphic design services full time. In 2018 Adam refocused his life back to fine art, and has since seen his tools change from traditional materials into the digital realm, but the vision has remained the same... challenging viewers to question the world around them and to live in a world of their own making.

Adam is a member of the National Association of Digital Artists (naDA) and the Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC).


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