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Adrian Flaherty/ 'In the City'

Adrian Flaherty is a Londoner, where he studied Sculpture at UAL completing his degree in 2016. Adrian exhibited in London, Sheffield and Venice, and many online exhibitions. Working across variety of media, his sculptures, paintings and functional works show a contrast between home life and work. The works based in his home are often made using materials that are found in the home or sculptures that are possible to be made in a Do It Yourself way. His home over the course of his degree became a living sculpture. This was much like how Grayson Perry made his gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art, in his A House for Essex and like how Piet Mondrian used his studios to experiment with his ideas of colour and space.

Adrian is interested in the use of Chance in art over the last century or so and in Abstract Expressionism. He often uses a mixture of oil and acrylic paint to create chaotic effects as the paint flows around the canvases in an unpredictable way which he then tries to reason with, bringing it together with more detailed work.


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