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Ajdillustrates/ Queer Art

Ajdillustrates is a queer illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland, who creates feminist illustrations depicting the everyday lives of women and non-binary folk. The feminists in her work are depicted as demons, a reclamation of the demonized feminist label. She takes a satirical lens to the vilification of feminism, playfully weaving the demon motif with women lounging around at home, or out at the pub giggling over pints.She received her MA in Politics from the University of Glasgow in 2022, something which is threaded throughout all of her work.

Her work has been included in several group shows across the UK and in July 2023 she hosted my debut solo exhibition entitled ‘Feminism Has Gone Too Far’. She enjoy collaborative work with other creatives, and has worked on a wealth of projects which have championed creative cooperation amongst artists of different mediums.

'Representation, sustainability and accessibility are at the core of my practice. My work seeks to visually represent women and gender non-conforming folk across every intersection, particularly those of marginalised identities who are not typically represented in the visual arts. Creating work which speaks to the everyday experience of women means speaking to the experience of all women. Sustainability is also a key pillar in my work. Physical works I produce are often sourced from found materials, whilst my digital illustrations are fully printed and packaged with recycled material. I also have a strong belief in the accessibility of art, both in terms of consuming and collecting. I aim to make my work legible for those of all varying levels of art literacy, and affordable to purchase for everyone.'


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