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Aleksandra Paranchenko/ #loveofmylife

Aleksandra Paranchenko was born in Kherson, Ukraine, Studied at State Academy of Managerial Personnel of Culture and Arts Department of design, artist designer, Kyiv, Ukraine and at Art Lyceum, Kherson, Ukraine She's an artist by education, a creator by vocation. For as long as she can remember, Aleksandra always been involved in something: painting, dancing, an airplane modeling group, and much more. She was not bored with herself, however, it has not changed now. Aleksandra has been professionally engaged in creativity for over 16 years. During this time, she tried many directions: illustrations for photobanks, drawing, taught at an art school, sewed and tying author's dolls and toys, creating decor items and decorating rooms, window displays for holidays, decorating interior furniture, trying herself in a jewelry store business, illustrated children's books, created scenographies for a puppet theater, painted walls and made bas-reliefs. There is no creative task that she would not cope with. She's interested in developing and learning about capabilities, wants to try and master all types of creativity. One thing that remains constant is her love for painting and illustration, a feeling that has remained constant throughout her life.


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