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Alexandra Savvo/ #loveofmylife


What foul fate has devoured us?

What iris merciless and tainted holds us?

What heinus air is tyrannizing us?

Don't be sad for me...

Creepily it comes.

It blooms with the flower of the sea!

Alexandra Savvo is a visual artist & political scientist based between Athens and Mani. She completed postgraduate studies in Crisis Management at the University of the Peloponnese in 2014. Her Master Thesis «From scheme to dialogue: Narrative approaches of visceral pain», explores in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary level, the experience of visceral pain in patient womans’ narrativity - artistic and oral. She specialized in Narrativity. Her practice mainly incorporates poetry, painting, sculpture & video to create hybrid forms between body and nature, exploring narratives of self that encompass biopolitics, corporeality and elaborations of corporeal existence through and around organic matter, the natural environment and theatre.

Alexandra Savvo has attended and participated in conferences, workshops & seminars on specific topics of psychology, sociology, philosophy, art & pedagogy. She has participated in cultural events in Municipality of Eastern Mani as well as in the actions of the European twinning program Gytheio - Avignon Les Villeneuve. As an artist, she has been awarded from the International Academy for Literature and the Arts & the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists.

At present, she is elected President of Gytheio Cultural - Educational Association, member of the HelloAI Community & content creator.


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