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Alexandra Francis/ Summer Issue

Alexandra Francis is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Leeds, England.

Francis completed an MA degree in Art and Design at Leeds Beckett University in 2019, and is now working as a practising artist, with a main focus on the creation of sculptures and digital artwork. ''As an artist I am interested in creating artwork that explores the concepts of space, time, colour, and individuality. I was inspired to create this body of work through my fascination of pareidolia and white noise. The artwork that I tend to create often revolve around the concepts of fluctuation, natural forms and biomorphism. With my fascination of the natural world, it is not a surprise that I incorporate natural patterns, layers, formations, colour and geometry into the work that I produce. I am interested in how everything in the physical world is comprised of shapes and thus try to mimic that in the artwork that I create.''


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