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Alina Khilko/ Drawings & Sketches

Alina Khilko is a photographer and a self-taught artist, born in Kazakhstan, now she lives in Tbilisi. Her style in drawing exudes simplicity, conciseness, geometric lines and general minimalism. Her first experience as an artist was when she was still a child, and I showed more interest in drawing when it is became art therapy for her mental health. In her work Alina uses graphite, ink and paper. This is simplicity and the ability to quickly convey creativity. Creativity is a mental body for her in which her emotions live. Alina begins to draw unconsciously, and this chaotic process, step by step, turns into a concrete image. Her personal graphic art style in drawing, painting and sculpture has generally been fluent and plastic, but there is a distinct and recurring passion for non-objective abstractive form, both static and kinetic. Alina is fascinated by the line, spot, form, shadow and light, composition and passionate about to do a lot of drawing.



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