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Alison Vincent/ Seascapes

Alison Vincent hand-creates art inspired by her encounters in remote wild nature using hot glass and unexpected techniques. She is passionate about being in extreme wildernesses - especially oceans and ocean wildlife, mountains and ice. She is fortunate to have sailed, dived, kayaked and swam with majestic whales and sharks in remote locations including Antarctica, the Arctic and the Galapagos. These big expanses give her a sense of adventure and exhilaration and being there is a real privilege. Vast, rugged landscapes make her feel very small but connected with this world. She is concerned about their fragile future and wants to raise awareness so others care and protect them too. Glassblowing is the hardest thing she has ever done! It’s challenging, expensive, addictive and satisfying. Her making process can be dramatic and is part of her overall enjoyment. Alison is a self-taught relative newcomer to glass. After an experience day in 2012 she was instantly hooked but only has just over 100 blowing days under her belt. It takes 7 years of blowing daily to become a master!

She set up a glass studio in 2023. Before turning to glass she owned and ran a consumer packaging design, development and project management consultancy for almost 20 years. In January 2023 Alison featured in a brand-new BBC TV programme “Make It At Market” about her glass art. Alison enjoys combining her expedition travel and glass making passions to create beauty.


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