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Allan Punton/ 'COLOURS'

Allan Punton has been working with cold cut glass for over twenty years. He was the first person to be selected as a Life Member to the British Association for Modern Mosaic. Allan is based in Exmouth, United Kingdom.

''I decided over twenty years ago to focus on using primarily cold cut coloured glass as my main material for interpreting compositions. I use opaque and transparent smalti, fused and float glass for my artwork. The core element of all my artwork is the changing play of light on the coloured glass. This brings life and character to each piece. Although I work to commission, both public and private, I strive continually to seek different ways of using glass to express my creative drive. Most of my artwork is abstract in design focussing on the colour in the compositions. I have exhibited overseas in the USA, Australia, France, Italy and extensively in the United Kingdom. My artwork has been shown in several publications.''


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