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Amarajyoti/ Self-Portrait

Amarajyoti lives in Nottingham and trained in Art and Design in the 1960s, attending Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds Art Colleges. She taught Art for 20+ years in secondary and further education before giving it up to travel to India and Ireland to study Yoga, returning to Nottingham to teach Yoga and Meditation. During this time she continued with her painting which has become more abstract over the last few years.

She has exhibited in several Nottinghamshire exhibitions over the past 40 years and at the Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield in 2021, Surface Gallery Abstract, Nottingham and Cupola Gallery, Sheffield in various exhibitions and as well as several national and international online exhibitions over the last few years. She had a solo exhibition ‘Paintings on Paper – mostly’ in November 2023. She paints in her small studio in Nottingham UK.


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