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Andy Sylvester/ Queer Art

Andy Sylvester studied Fine Art Painting at Wolverhampton Polytechnic from 1984 -87. Since graduating, he has worked both in art education and as a practising painter. He currently works from a home studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Andy's works are in several public and private collections.

'As a gay man I am interested in queer identities and use images of queer people to explore the multiplicity of ideals we are presented with. I am especially fascinated by the ‘selfie’ as a new form of portraiture and consider the relevance of how the ‘sitter’ controls the image they display to the world through subjectively considered colour and filters.I build images over time and reference photographic sources. These are either my own images put through filters or socially shared images.His work discusses the world around us all. The paintings explore narrative, colour, line, composition, and mark-making.'


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