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Anthony Ynohtna/ Portraits

The core of Anthony Ynohtna's work delves into the relationship between art and its therapeutic benefits regarding the effects of trauma, mental health and wellbeing. Through a multidisciplinary approach to practice, incorporating drawing and lens based media, acting as visual outlets for expression, reflection and self-therapy. The emphasis on lens based media enables connections between representational concepts of site with emotion, absence and presence, and the re-searching of individual and collective memories. These narrative threads enable him to explore the relationship between landscape, identity and portraiture. Inspired by Lynchian qualities, his work often juxtaposes the natural and man-made environments, creating works that border reality and the state of limbo. Pivotally inspiring and informing Ynohtna's research and practice, are the studies of psychologists and authors researching and exploring trauma and wellbeing.

Anxiety Portraits - Photographic Prints (29.5 x 21cm)


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