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Anthony Gregg/ Autumn Issue

Rhode Island based abstract expressionist painter Anthony Gregg utilizes external and internal inspirational sources to build and create connections between infinite points. Broad sweeping color motions and the fluidity of the medium, drip techniques, and palette knife scrapings and smears combine with gestural movements to allow for chance happenings on the canvas. The goal being to capture the chaos, emotion, energy, and inherent beauty that life experience stirs in all of us when viewing it. Anthony Gregg holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University and has been actively painting since 1998. Anthony has appeared in The Huts Magazine, Purposeful Mayo and Collect Art Autumn (2021) publications.

“My work is primarily an introspective expression, a product of my environment and the events that happen within it, past and present. Upon this framework, I attempt to build an emotional connection between myself, the painting, and to the observer. Comfort and chaos, safety and strife, power and stillness. It’s this dichotomy that I find so compelling and challenging to capture. I almost exclusively use acrylic and latex paint as its generally quick drying time lends itself to fast-paced decisions and movements, increasing the occurrences of unpredictability and chance happenings which add depth, excitement, and meaning to every piece.”


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