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Arai Fuzuki/ Abstract Art

Arai Fuzuki graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. His art expresses that the world is all connected. Created artworks are named Galaxy Words. Each word comprises 100,000 galactic guidance. Every time he blows seashell horn, it purifies our spirit, emotion, and physicality. Everything is all interconnected. Arai held his first solo exhibition in New York in 2014. His dynamic brushstroke is cultivated by his experience of devoting himself as a dancer. In addition, his subjects based on the universe and galaxies will provide dazzling light into the world of jet-black darkness effectively. In 2015, the work pursued the affinity between Islam and Japan was exhibited at “The Arab Week 2015 Art Exhibition” and received the Japan-Arab Friendship Award from the host country, Ambassador of Oman / Palestine. The artist has been also active as a book reviewer casting his keen eyes into the cultures of all ages and countries.


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