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Arani Halder/ Winter Issue

With a belief that there lie important and revolutionary stories from those that go unheard from, Arani Halder uses her work to open windows into the lives of different people and the broader socio-political movements that help shape them. Her work explores the connections between language, culture, pluralism, autonomy and the power of knowing one’s roots. Through media such as bookmaking, bookbinding, print making, painting, sculpture and even cooking, she straddles the line between abstract, conceptual and still digestible. Being native to the City of Joy but having lived throughout India, Arani understands the importance of a society that is pluralistic and collectivist but respectful of autonomy. She states that she is equal parts artist and designer; the base of her work while being artistic and conceptual is produced into work with a designer’s sensibility that aims to tackle the issues at hand. Arani graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2020 with a degree in Communication Design and Fine Arts. She has worked with the Whitney Museum of Art and the United Nations to help create lasting work. Arani’s current explorations continue to expand upon themes of South Asian socio-politics and identity.


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