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Bob Hellyer/ Digital Art

Bob began his professional journey as a technical assistant at the BBC, transitioning to the role of a house electrician in a local theater. Subsequently, he joined a computer peripheral company, initially as a prototype wireman and later as a test engineer. Simultaneously, he pursued a passion for music by running a mobile disco during his spare time, eventually paving the way into the music business.

After spending 25 years as a stage lighting designer in the entertainment industry, traveling extensively with well-known performers worldwide, he experienced a significant life change when his partner became pregnant with their son. Choosing to step away from the touring scene, he embraced family life in Spain until his retirement. During this period, he developed a keen interest in digital art.

His exploration into digital art began when he received a link to a Photoshop technique, despite only having GIMP at his disposal. Undeterred, he found the software to be virtually identical and delved into manipulating photos. This initial foray evolved into experimenting with black and white objects, eventually leading him to explore the captivating world of coloring them. Throughout this creative journey, he continued to learn and experiment, encountering moments of excitement with each new project.

As his skills progressed, he incorporated drafting skills into his work and developed a fascination for Sacred Geometry. The exploration of this intricate subject proved to be both fascinating and rewarding. Over time, he ventured into creating "Pictures" with less emphasis on symmetry, although his love for geometry persisted. This creative evolution is documented on his website, which follows a roughly chronological order, even detailing his initial, perhaps embarrassing, beginnings. This transformative journey spanned approximately five years.


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