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Caitlyn Matthews/ Queer Art

Caitlyn Matthews is a UK-based artist recognized for her abstract figurative paintings and environments created through meditative approaches. In her work, fragmented figures emerge as silhouettes, auras, shadows, or manifestations of light energy. Employing a textural correlation of abstract thinking, she utilizes fragmented self-imagery to construct multi-layered fields of the abstract being.

Influenced by the cycles of life and spiritual awareness through those cycles, her work delves into the juxtapositions between spirit and flesh, exploring the contradictions between chaos and grounding.

In a world dominated by a binary structure, her artwork aims to address the shared spiritual need to feel limitlessly alive. It sparks discussions about the relationship between body politics, spiritual philosophy, and third-wave feminism. The goal is to comprehend performance art and ego as infinitely varied, non-limiting phenomena.

Her research focuses on investigating the relationship between contemporary feminism, body politics, and developments in spiritual philosophical discourse. It delves into contemporary art practices that use immersive meditative making as a critical visual language, employing absorbed states of being for both creation and experience.


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