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Carlotta Olympia Pompei/ Ruby Red

Carlotta Olympia Pompei is a young freelance photographer based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to capturing the fleeting essence of life through the camera lens.As a citizen of the world, her heart beats to the rhythm of three beautiful countries - Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. France, her birthplace, taught her the art of refinement, while her Italian heritage instilled within her a deep connection to the natural world and a reverence for its beauty. Residing in the UK, she has discovered a unique blend of culture and character that has enriched her perception of life.

Since childhood, Carlotta has been fascinated by the way light illuminates the world. Growing up in Paris, Carlotta nurtured a love for the arts. She became interested in the tale behind every artist, recognising how their personal perspectives gave substance and authenticity to their work.

Always surrounded by family photos, tangible reminders of diverse experiences, memories, and travels, instilled in her a desire to document. Carlotta's passion for photography is a precious inheritance from her parents, a testament to their love for immortalising moments. From her early days as a '90s kid playing with Kodak disposable cameras to her first encounter with the possibilities of a digital camera at age ten, she has been entranced by the power of the lens. Her first Nikon camera unveiled a world of infinite expression.

The enchanting gift of photography lies in its ability to transport one back to a singular moment - one that is both precise and unparalleled. As a visual language, photography speaks, communicating an endless array of sentiments. While Carlotta holds a deep appreciation for all art forms, it is through the lens of photography that she captures reality, making it her medium of choice - one that is undeniably reflective of our era.


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