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Carol Burns/ Women Art

Carol Burns is a Scottish born Artist living in Wiltshire, England, who is best known for her unconventional abstracts. She starts with an idea or concept which she then explores through the layering of paint, intuitive mark making and collage. The end result is a work which is rich with history, colour and pattern all of which combine to capture the essence of the inital idea. Carol originally studied Fashion Design in her native Scotland before going on to achieve a 1st Class Masters in Organising for Social and Community Development in London. In 2018 she undertook a six month intensive one to one painting course with artist Caroline Hulse FRSA followed by a year long Abstraction Course with artist Judy Woods in 2022. She has had work accepted to the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art for the last three years in a row, in 2023 she exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy of Art (RWA) as well as the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition (Selected by Chris Levine) at the Mall Galleries in London and so far this year she has had work accepted to seven juried shows and will be showing two pieces at the Mall Galleries as part of the SWA (Society of Woman Artists) in June. She has been a regular on the art fair circuit and, after submitting an application to the Royal West of England Academy of Art's Artist Network Initiative at the end of last year, she is now an RWA Network member.


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