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Carol Vickers/ Contemporary Jewelry

Carol Vickers is a silversmith, based in Yorkshire, UK. She upcycles antique, solid silver cutlery that is unused in today's society. This practice is a direct reflection of her experiences as a disabled person, having to constantly reinvent and adapt herself to fit into a world designed for abled people. She takes sugar tongs, canapé forks, and teaspoons and reimagines them into wearable art, giving them a new shape and purpose in the modern world. Apart from making the jewelry, she offers lessons to whoever wants to learn silversmithing and solid silver upcycling.

"I realized that the world was full of sugar tongs, tiny condiment spoons, and other beautiful items that are no longer considered useful in today's society and I wanted to give them a new life. Turning them into wearable art gives them a new relevance and I feel it's the perfect antidote to our Fast Fashion society. I work almost exclusively in solid silver, to design and make pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond."


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