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Chloe Harrison/ Sea In Me

Over the last year, my main focus has been exploring the sea, light, sky and trees, developing further research of the idea of landscapes that I have previously looked at. I am really interested in the sea in particular and want to incorporate these elements into my practice more exploring their movements and static states. Being more present when observing them. Exploring my relationship with the sea as two entities as well as exploring more open fields. I enjoy being surrounded by nature and also the way that it is translated when captured. Analogue photography is a perfect medium to use when capturing landscapes and nature as each photo that is taken on film is a one off. just like the moment I have observed. I enjoy observing the world around me and capturing it in its most natural state. Nature is a powerful place for your mind and body, a place to recharge, heal and feel grounded to help you feel more mindful and connected to yourself and the world around you. A degree of separation for your mind and also your body. It is such a powerful and freeing thing to have access to any kind of nature. The English coast and countryside has played a vital role in the progression of my practice and solidifying my interests within photography as well as outside of it. I have always been drawn to the sea and the coast and seeing how beautifully it can be captured with a camera, I wanted to recreate that. In this series, ‘Along the Trail, Rooted in Nature’, I look to take the audience on an autobiographical journey, asking them to reflect both upon themselves, but also on the landscape for which they reside, and what is being presented to them. Exploring the Seven Sisters Cliffs to the Shropshire Hills, I embarked on separate journeys across the English countryside and coast, finding areas of water, open land and trees, selecting personal and unique traits of each place, finding the moments of stillness. As well as taking the audience on a journey, it was also one for myself; finding new places to explore and fresh new areas of nature to investigate. it was important for me to be a part of the journey, as the photos represent well how nature excites me. The use of coordinates is very accurate, and it also makes the world seem so vast and expansive. With so many more coordinates to discover, the realms of nature’s beauty seem boundless.


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