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Claire Finley/ Contemporary Jewelry

Claire Finlay is a British multi-discipline jeweller/artist living in the North East of England. With an appreciation of the natural world and Inspired by her surroundings Claire likes to collect organic and non- organic materials on daily walks. She preserves and observes organic materials, uses ceramic slip to preserve her work, once it is fired in an electric kiln the organic material is burnt away and the ceramic shape is left behind. Claire likes to use this technique so that the beauty of the piece can endure endlessly. She is influenced by artists such as Gillian Lowndes who uses found materials in here sculptural work. The focus of her work is the connection we have with jewellery. Jewellery is not only for aesthetic adornment but can hold memories and messages, it becomes personal to the wearer and the interaction between the body and the personal art is important.

''I have a small studio in South Tyneside, in the North East of England. I currently run silver smithing from my studio, I also run creative workshops at different venues, this has been going on for several years. During the pandemic, I supplied craft kits for people who were isolating and ran online workshops. I have many years experience selling my own work at craft fairs and online. I have recently completed a degree in art at the University of Sunderland in Artist, Designer, Maker, Glass and Ceramics. I received a first class honors degree. Working in the community is important to me; I like to share ideas and skills with others promoting health and well-being through art and craft.''


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