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Daisy Richardson/ 'Sculpture' Special Edition

Daisy Richardson’s work approaches ideas of the domestic and the majestic, the meeting point between interior and exterior, time, space, the unknown, the formation of the earth and our place within it. Her work is an attempt to understand these subjects. She works in drawing, painting, sculpture and collage. Within her sculptural work, she often uses found objects which she surrounds with constructed natural substances representing forms such as quartz or sandstone. With these works she is trying to bring together domestic interior objects with the exterior. In the case of Widmanstätten Chair which combines a photographed meteorite surface with a found chair, the intention was to bring space into the domestic domain, and create something approachable that still maintains its roots in deep time and space.

Daisy Richardson was born 1975, Edinburgh, lives and works in Glasgow. Studied Royal College of Art, London, Painting (2007) and Glasgow School of Art BA (hons) Fine Art (1997). Exhibitions include Beep Painting Biennial, Elysium, Swansea (2022), These Times, Making Space, London, (2022), Contemporary British Painting Prize, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London (2022), Entheos, RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow (2022), I Didn't Lick It, Bruton Museum, Bruton (2021), Dividing Time, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow (solo exhibition) (2017), Shapeshifting, Galerie Kusseneers, Antwerp (solo exhibition) (2009). Awards include Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award, (2018), Open Project Funding from Creative Scotland, (2016), Flora Wood Award, (2012), Anna Miller Trust Scholarship, (2004), JD Fergusson Travel Award (2002)


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