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Dan Alquist/ Autumn Issue

Dan Alquist is a visual artist who specializes in abstract pastel drawings. He hails from Chicago but is currently based in West Virginia. He is not only an artist but also a husband and the father of three beautiful daughters. He earned his BFA in drawing and printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 1983 and completed his MFA at the University of Maryland in 1986.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Dan earns his living as a woodworker, focusing on custom cabinetry. This allows him to exercise both his creative and mathematical skills. He maintains a home studio in Harpers Ferry, where the scenic surroundings of the Appalachian mountains and valleys serve as a constant source of inspiration for his work.

Throughout his career, Dan has participated in several art openings in Baltimore, where he resided for many years as an adult. He holds a deep appreciation for the city's raw and vibrant artistic culture. Recently, he exhibited his collection titled "40 Years of New Work" at a local gallery in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


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