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Daniel Hunt/ Summer Issue

Daniel Hunt is Nottingham based multi-disciplinary artist working within Fine Art, performance and theatre. He is interested in collaborative practice within contemporary performance, and is also a painter. He is a member of the Nottingham Studio Group 3rd Space, and the accessible arts collective Nott Normal. He has created collaborative work with Hunt and Mosinski, Kitunda Argyle and Fat House, and has presented performance work at The Whitstable Biennale, The Bracknell Gallery South Hill Park, Nottingham Contemporary, Backlit Nottingham, Z-Arts Manchester, among others. He has exhibited at Lakeside Gallery Nottingham, Surface Gallery, Scaffold Gallery Manchester, the New Walk Museum Leicester.

''I am a Nottingham based multi-disciplinary artist focussing on collaborative performance and painting. My 2D work is concerned with exploring the fundamental elements of image making – both the physical nature, properties and potential of materials, and the emotional communicative qualities of the line in a non – representational role. The work explores techniques of layering, revealing and obscuring imagery, colour relationships, and the potential for an abstract language to provoke an emotional response through the use of repetition and a minimalist aesthetic.''


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