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Daniel Spehr/ Autumn Issue

Daniel Spehr is a Swiss photographer. Self-employed with his own studio in Basel for over 30 years. He originally came from painting and then completed an apprenticeship as a photographer. Worked in advertising photography for many years. Since 2006 mostly art documentaries for museums, galleries and artists. In addition, there are always his own projects.

Daniel works according to the pleasure principle and let chance play a part. Inspiration often comes from work. Ultimately, inspiration leads to creativity, although the reverse also works. Getting to know new people, places or cultures broadens the horizon. Going through the world with open eyes and ears is certainly never wrong in order to get new ideas »breathed into«. An idea is created by using, changing or reconnecting something that already exists. The more elements Daniel has in his stock, the sooner and more likely new, exciting, inspiring combinations, i.e. ideas, result from them. The real art is not to lose sight of the future in everyday life. Those who retain the ability to see the special in the everyday will find inspiration in many places. In books, in articles, in music, in the museum, on the tram, in the beer garden, on the street. It is important to allow inspiration to happen.


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