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Delia Zorzoliu/ Queer Art

Delia Zorzoliu is a painter, writer, graphic designer and illustrator born on March 28, 1987, in Bucharest, Romania and based in Southampton, Great Britain.Her passion for art in general is a family legacy, especially from her grandfather Traian Zorzoliu, a man of art and culture, who throughout his life encouraged her, and guided her in this direction. Delia made her debut in painting in 2021, with the exhibition entitled “Inspiration and The Road”, an exhibition that included both acrylic works on canvas and works in oil.On occasion of this exhibition, the artist received a Diploma of Merit from the Romanian International Art Centre for her exhibition debut.

In addition to painting, Delia is also the author of books for both children and adults.Delia organized several personal exhibitions in Romania and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Great Britain.The artist also has works in public collections (museums, county library in Romania).Delia is a member of the Artists' Union England, Member of Writers' Guild of Great Britain, and vice- presiden of Romanian Writers League "Eugen Ionescu " Olt Branch.

In her works, Delia uses various mediums depending on her mood. She used acrylic colors, oil colors, but also mixed media, transferring the emotions represented by color to the canvas.Each of the artist’s paintings is unique and full of life, her paintings being inspired by the artist’s feelings, that’s why Delia never paints duplicates, nor does she like to do so.


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