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Dimitra Bouritsa/ Summer Issue

Storytelling is the essence of human existence, since the most ancient times.

''I try to tell stories too.

I find great inspiration in litterature, folk tales, mythology of all kinds and of all countries.

The surreal element is important to me. Animals and plants obtain a personality; they become supreme, while humans are minor. Sometimes they create hybrid creatures, coexisting in fairy tale landscapes.

The main characters are women, whose perplexed and many-roled nature evokes so many symbolisms and associations.

My stories are about existence, human vanity, our relationship with nature, man’s multiple roles and masks, but also about beauty, the beauty in the creation of new life, the beauty within us.

Some themes derive from history, and mostly from history about colonization, stories of violence. You will not see violence in my work, as the goal is elevation, a sense of atonement.''


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